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Flourishing Health And Beauty LLC

Sea Moss Collection

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Sea moss collection

Seamoss Skin care

it's packed with collagen, and vitamins, evens skin tone, helps reduce underlying skin conditions and is great for every day use, because it's extra gentle on your skin and hair!  It combats acne and eczema! And boost collagen! 


Seamoss hair care---- strengthens the hair, removes toxins, Boost shine, improves hair growth, hydrates the scalp! it's antibacterial, and softens the hair !

Sea moss soap bar ingredients ,Sea moss, Tea tree, Honey, Tumeric Light fragrance essential oil blend 0.5% germaban 2


Sea moss facial mask ,Honey,Sea moss, Lemon grass, Tea tree ,Vegetable glycerin , Aloe vera ,O.5 % Germaban 2


Sea moss hair conditioning mask! Conditioner base ,Seamoss, Rose geranium,, Rosemary,Vegetable glycerin 


Sea moss shampoo ,SEAMOSS, Honey Castille soap. (Tea tree, rosemary, mago Co scent) germaban 2