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Fancy A Nail Boutique


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We offer 3 different  nail training  options!

Acrylics, info will be texted. 

Hard gel or express gel nail enhancements

Info will be texted

press on nail training. Info listed below!!!!!!!


What you'll Learn on the press on nail training. 
[  ] Sanitation  and disinfection
[  ] Proper nail prep
[  ] Nail art , how to
[  ] Marketing your nails
[  ] Proper sizing

What I will provide! All starter kits include to keep!
[  ] 500 tips long coffin nail 

[  ] Sticky pudding
[  ] 1 Press on nail stand
[  ] Glitter
[  ] Nail art brush
[  ] Nail packaging zip loc packs

More items will be provided but must be returned when in person training is done. Training is 5 hours. You will receive a certificate  at the end of training!!
No you don't have to be licensed to make and sell press on nails!!!!
Deposits are  nonrefundable. $100 is due at the time you book the press on nail traning.
Ways to pay
1.Invoice.. app: $FlourishingHandB 

3.Pay pal:

4. Check out here online

If you need logos made ,stickers ,business cards or packaging all info to purchase will be provided. Please bring an additional 75 to purchase what you need. And 95 if your buying 10 boxes 

Acrylics or Hard Gel Training

The 2 day course  will be broken up into 6 hours and  minutes a day, this will give you more time to learn different techniques until you find one that suits your needs. And more time to perfect your craft, it will also allow more time to ask questions. The purpose of this is to help you weather you are a beginner or advance, and just need help in a certain area! It's also helping most decide if this is really what they want to do as a career. 

What you'll learn

  • Sanitation and disinfection 
  • product knowledge 
  • nail prep
  • Tip sizing and shaping
  • How to properly e-file 
  • Acrylic and builder gel application
  • Client consultation 
  • Marketing

What comes in your training.

  1. Dapen dish
  2. Nail file
  3. Nail buffer
  4. Nail glue
  5. Monomer
  6. Acrylic 
  7. Nail tips
  8. Primer/ bonder

The deposit for this class is $150 we will contact  you after you pay your deposit to see which days work best for you if your not apart of the group class . 

We only ask that you bring your preferred Acrylic brush, and a practice hand.

We also offer zoom training!!!!

For press on nails 2 hours and acrylic training 4 hours !

We will schedule a time before you book, and send your kit through the mail if needed. You should put the press on nail kit in your cart as well if you need one. I will teach you how to properly  make press on nails and market them , you will also learn how to create stunning but simple nail art.