Experience Hair care like never before! This system is hand crafted and fomulated using natural ingredients, This shampoo kit will help you maintain and grow your hair healthy and strong, it moisturizes and hydrates the hair and scalp, it even gets rid of stubborn dandruff and detoxs the hair shaft.

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    We use an adjustable light setting ,on our light to take the perfect photos. Some nail colors may be lighter or darker than the original picture, when you recieve your nail. Fancy A Nail boutique can not be held resposibile if thos situation occurs.

  • How to properly size your nails for press on nails! You may also text a picture of your bare hand to (205)210-9545

    How to measure your nails . Place tape, or you can use a measuring tape for more accurate size, If using measuring tape, measure from one side of the nail to the other side. If you're using a ruler, place tape and mark both corners where the nail meets the skin. Remove tape and place on ruler measuring in millimeters.

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