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Flourishing Health And Beauty LLC

Shampoo Bars

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Introducing the perfect solution for those seeking a deep and thorough clean for dreadlocks and natural hair- the Shampoo Soap Bars. Flourishing Health & Beauty, a reputable US manufacturer, has formulated these bars to provide an effective way to cleanse your hair while clarifying your scalp. The Detoxifying Shampoo Bar is specially designed with charcoal and green tea extract that deeply cleanses while stimulating blood flow to your scalp- leaving you feeling refreshed. On the other hand, those struggling with dry hair or dandruff will find relief in using our Moisturizing/Dandruff Relief Shampoo Bar. It's unique combination of honey, coconut oil, Shea butter work together to moisturize dry strands while reducing dandruff.


At Flourishing Health & Beauty we understand the importance of a healthy scalp which is why we formulated our Healthy Scalp Serum with castor oil tea tree oil rosemary oil and avocado oil- all known for their antibacterial properties that will leave you feeling refreshed.


Each 200g bar contains no alcohol or aerosol ensuring it's safe for use on all types of textured hairstyles including wavy textured straight normal dry curly - providing a deep clean that'll leave you looking fantastic! Our products are made using premium ingredients like shea butter glycerin coconut oils in Detoxifying shampoo bar or sea moss peppermint lemongrass in moisturizing/dandruff relief shampoo bar which have been proven effective at improving the health of your hair!


With an impressive 12-month shelf life span these bars are an excellent addition to anyone's beauty routine! Try out our Shampoo Soap Bars now and experience deep cleansing like never before!