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Flourishing Health And Beauty LLC

Skin care kits

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Skin care kit

All of our skin care kits can be used for all skin types ,they are formulated using natural. They are great for sensitive  skin as well and have great benefits  for people with underlying skin conditions. 

If you have questions or need help ordering the right  kit simply Text (205)210-9545

We have 4 to choose from

Clear me kit

 This kit is formulated to reduce acne Eczema, skin, rash and psoriasis ,  It has anti wrinkle properties, sooths itchy skin , minimize razor bumps, deeply cleanses the skin. 

Includes: raw African Black Soap bar,, honey lemon sugar scrub, and rose glow serum

Even Brighter kit

This kit helps even skin tone, gets rid of dark circles, dark spots and blemishes, reduces acne and eczema and moisturizes adds a little glow.

Incudes: 4 oz Tumeric soap Bar, 8oz Tumerc Scrub, and 1 oz rose glow serum,  add a tumeric clay mask to any kit. 

The Ultimate skin care kit 

This skin care kit gives you the ultimate experience. All you need in one kit!

 This kit will include 1 soap bar,  1 Facial serum, An exfoliating cleansing brush, Tumeric clay mask and a 8 oz sugar scrub a rose water facial toner, and make up carry bag

Eczema Relief kit

This skin care kit will help keep your eczema flare ups under control. It includes:

A 8oz Sea moss & Tumeric  Body Scrub

A 8 oz Shea butter eczema relief  body butter

1 Raw African Black Soap bar

And a Honey and oats spap bar

Gentle cleanse and Even Brighter Serum

Gentle enough for use on all skin types, reduce oily skin, reduce  acne.  And best for daily use even if you don't  have underlying skin conditions.