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Flourishing Health And Beauty LLC

Daily facial moisturizers and serums

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Daily facial serums

Rose Glow serum

Helps reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone, reduce acne and eczema, sooths dry itchy skin, protects skin from uv rays, leaves you glowing

INGREDIENTS: almond oil ,rose hip oil, jojoba oil, infused with roses.

Bright serum

The 🌞  bright serum is for oily and combination skin, it prevents clogged pores, protects your skin from harmful UV rays,  reduces acne and hydrates and moisturizes. 

INGREDIENTS: which hazel, rose hydrosol, aloe vera gel, lemon grass, rose geranium, jojoba and almond oil , vegetable glycerin.

Just Glowing serum

Pair it with our just glowing soap bar✨️ keeps your skin moisturized all day, minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Sooths dry itchy skin and eczema,  reduces acne, and provides a subtle glow.

INGREDIENTS: hemp seed oil ,almond oil and advacado oil, infused with lavender buds and rose buds

Even brighter Daily Moisturizer 

This Moisturizer  will aid in getting reducing Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) uneven skin tone. It will also help reduce acne, while moisturizing. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks or scars. It also reduces eczema. 

Ingredients: licorice root, tumeric extract,rose hip oil, almond oil , advacado oil, Aloe vera gel.