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SOAP BARS (Natural)

SOAP BARS (Natural)

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Tumeric Soap Bar

Evens the skin tone, reduce acne ,Minimize  fine lines and wrinkles,, reduces eczema.. is formulated  using goats milk soap, Tumeric powder, Koji acid, papaya extract , honey and almond oil.

Raw African Black Soap 

An everyday skin deep skin cleansing bar.. reduces acne, eczema, skin rash, psoriasis,reduces oily skin. Can be used for many purposes,  even in the hair. 

Formulated with: Plantain leaves ,cocoa pods, Shea butter, Shea tree bark Cocoa palms ,Shea butter

Yoni Soap Bar 

Balance your ph, fights bad bacteria,  helps you produce your natural juices, leaves you odor free.

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, fractionated coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil, Castille soap base

Just Glowing Soap Bar

This Bar is sure to have your skin glowing, moisturize,  reduce acne, minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Has anti aging properties. 

 Ingredients: almond oil, glycerin soap base, goats milk soap, hemp seed oil and honey, natural fragrance.

Even brighter Soap 

Even brighter soap bar will aid in getting reducing Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) uneven skin tone. It will also help reduce acne, while moisturizing. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks or scars. It also reduces eczema. But at a faster pace.

Ingredients: licorice root, tumeric extract, almond oil , tea tree oil, coconut oil.

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