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Flourishing Health And Beauty LLC

Sugar Scrubs and exfoliants

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Sugar scrubs get the dead skin that your wash rag may miss by exfoliating dead skin cells, minimize razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Moisturizes

We have a few Scrubs for you to choose from,

Tumeric Sugar scrub helps get rid of hyperpigmentation

Honey lemon scrub evens skin as well but not as fast, and without the staining effects of tumeric. 

Green tea scrub reduce oily skin

rose scrub 

Exfoliating Bath whip

Sherbert bath whip Exfoliates dead skin sellsxas well as lathers so you can get a cleansing and Exfoliate at the same time.

Sea moss Tumeric foaming scrub

this scrub foams , exfoliates and lathers the body well. It evens skin tone,  exfoliates skin cells, boost collagen production,  mi imizes razor bumps andreduces acne, . You can use it on your whole body. Fir external use only!